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Tired of the new words like “Micro Learning”,
Blended Learning”? Want to know what those terms mean?

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"Taking small step is far better than waiting for a long jump."
- ThEmvien.

In this blog, we will learn about what exactly Micro-Learning is and how it impacts the entire e-Learning Realm.

You might have heard of e-Learning, the new methodology to train the learners either students or a firm’s employees to update them in their domain.

In laymen’s term, it is a shortened form or a chunked form of a massive e-Learning Course, instead, the chunking is done based on individual module or topic. This is done for easy grasping of the learner and reducing the cognitive load due to content heavy courses.

Why do we need a new methodology when an effective Traditional e-Learning practise is available?

Traditional e-Learning completely relies on PDFs and other static documents for training the employees. Despite the technology advancement in education domain, training realm still depends on the outdated method.

Traditional e-Learning practise lacks in retention rates, causes mind-numbing and lacks in assessment / evaluation and has characteristics of inflexible and unresponsive.

Self-E e-Learning Micro Learning Blog
Micro Learning

Micro Learning is a concept and practice of chunking an e-Learning Course into miniature modules. It is a relatively new learning standard digital approach that can effectively and quickly close knowledge gaps.

These compressed learning materials use time flexible short activities when the learner needs them. Accordingly, it avoids information or cognitive overload and promotes their learning by having small concept in a step by step manner.  

Micro Learning Pros:

• Less Time Consuming
• More Learner Engagement
• Higher Knowledge Retention
• Learning On-The-Go
• Self-paced Learning
• Personalized Learning

Micro Learning Cons:

• Cost, Time and Resources Involvement
• Scaling Personalized Content
• Accessibility Issue
• Lack of time to invest

Micro Learning examples

Have you observed Micro Learning by any chance in your day-to-day life? If yes, then you already have a basic idea about it. If no, then you need more assistance on this topic. You can contact us through our website: Self-E e-Learning or our mail id: contact@selfedu.xyz


Short, yet highly contextual messages or hints (Error messages, eCommerce hints).

Microlearning Videos

Short, focused videos designed to meet a specific learning outcome (Explainer videos, interactive videos, Micro-lectures, Whiteboard animations). 

Microlearning Apps

Apps with micro-lessons,
on-the-go (Google, YouTube, Headspace, Lasting etc.).

Micro-Challenges & Games

Learning score to redeem an award, benefits, badges, notoriety, or other incentives (Multiple question quizzes, Polls, flashcards, Simulations).


Graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge (Statistical infographics, Process infographics, Geographic infographics, Comparison infographics etc).

Social Media

Micro-blogging exercise with nuggets of information from the stream of subscribed content (Twitter, Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn, Reddit).


Micro Learning is the necessity of work-based and personal learning. Due to its concept of chunked modules and courses, it is more successful than its counterparts. Reducing the cognitive load to the learners makes it stand out of the crowd.

Had a clear idea about Micro Learning? An overview is that Micro Learning or e-Learning on a whole is growing at an astonishing pace, backed by its huge advantages. So, it only advances further, but never diminishes.

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