Blended Learning

Blending what??? with What??? and How???

You might have come across the word “Blended Learning”, especially when you surf through any e-learning website like Self-E e-Learning or blog.

You might be wondering what it blends with the learning? What is purpose of this kind of learning? Or how does it outperforms its current rivals?

Well, short answer for it is advancement and digitalization. And long answer is: “It is a method to combine online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional classroom methods”.

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Blended Learning is an advancement in the field of education using various methods and online features to enhance the learning experience and interactivity level between the learner and the course.

In laymen terms, e-Learning Companies combine:

1. Pros of obsolete classroom training, and
2. Pros of digitalization and design a course with optimal training     

In normal courses, curriculum designing or instructional designing standards will be followed to suit the learners. But in blended learning, instructional designer considers the feasibility and reliability of the online features and ensures that the learner’s focus is on the course without any distraction.

Do you think you haven’t seen any blended learning courses? Well, think again. Because, any online platform for employee training, any online resources such as ebooks and case studies that employee can access anytime are all considered as blended learning.

Next time, when you come across any course or online training platform, try to imagine it as normal traditional classroom courses, you will definitely understand the difference and the advantages of the blended learning over the other.

"Blended learning" is sometimes used in the same breath as "personalized learning" and differentiated instruction. The benefits of blended learning:

Higher Employee Engagement

More Effective

Increased Flexibility

Saves Time & Money

Accurate Analysis of Learning

Improved Communication

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“That’s great! I’ll implement blended learning for my employees too.” But wait, here’s the catch. Blended learning seems to be compromising in many aspects, but has few disadvantages:
1. Cost of implementation
2. Need for IT skills
3. More work for instructors & curriculum designers
4. Need experience in handling

You had an insight into blended learning, now here are four models of blended learning that offer different approaches employers/trainers can take to develop an advanced and personalized learning environment for learners.

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Well, that’s for another blog. Stay tuned!!! 

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